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A Frappe range like no other!

There’s nothing like a cold Frappe to quench your thirst during this summer’s heat! With Cilantro’s Frappe Powder, you can now customize your favorite Frappe in the comfort of your home, at your office or by the beach! 

The Experience 

The Cilantro Frappe powders are designed to ensure consistent quality wherever you go. You can now enjoy the best Frappe in town and customize it to match your desired flavor, too. This is because our classic Latte Frappe can be used as a base with several add-ons to provide you with the optimal flavor experience; from syrups to sauces, Frappes have never tasted better! 

With the Frappe kit, you can enjoy a range of Frappes from your favorite Mocha Frappe, the Vegan Frappe and very soon our Vanilla Frappe! Hand-crafted carefully to include the perfect ratio of coffee and flavor, make the best Frappe in town as you go! 

To ensure complete mobility, the portable blender can be used anywhere. All you need is your Frappe Doodle Glass, our powders, your choice of milk and the paper straws provided to drink consciously! 

Step by Step Recipe Card

Here is a guide to show you how to make the best Frappe in town: 

  1. Add 1 and ¼ cups of ice to your blender (~10 cubes) and 30 ml of your choice of milk
  2. Shake 4-5 times then blend 10 seconds! (10 pulses, repeat twice) 
  3. Add 3 Tbs of your frappe powder and 90 ml of milk
  4. Shake 4-5 times and blend again for 20 seconds (20 pulses, repeat twice) 
  5. Blend again for 10 seconds 
  6. Enjoy!

The Secret to a Chocolate Mocha Frappe: use Mocha Frappe powder and add 15 ml of Hazelnut Syrup and 25 ml of Cilantro's Chocolate Sauce in Step 3

The Secret to a Caramel Frappe: use Latte Frappe Powder and add 15 ml of Caramel Syrup and 25 ml of Cilantro's Caramel Sauce in Step 3

WIth that recipe, you can make variations of your favorite Frappe; make it vegan, make it lite or make it the good old fashioned way, the best-selling summer drink is now available at your doorstep!

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