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Hot Chocolate Marshmallow: A Hug in a Mug! 🍫

The latest is that there is a new hot chocolate kit in town that must be experienced to be believed!

The Hot Chocolate is one of Cilantro’s most-loved drinks. The Signature hot beverage is made by blending the finest cocoa powder with our special ingredients to bring you a deliciously rich and velvety cup of Hot Chocolate!

Whether it’s a cold winter evening, a long exhausting work-day or you simply need one more push to get you through your day – a cup of Cilantro hot chocolate (the edible equivalent of a hug, hot chocolate geeks call it the “hug in a mug”) will always be there for you!

Here’s how you can make yourself a flawless cup of hot chocolate within minutes:

Step 1: Add 4 tablespoons of Cilantro Hot Chocolate Powder and 200ml of milk to a small saucepan

Step 2: Cook on low-medium heat while continuously stirring the mixture for 2 minutes 

Step 3: Cook for a further 2 minutes or just until bubbles start to form

Step 4: Pour into a mug (ideally Cilantro’s ceramic mug) and add 2-3 tablespoons of marshmallow fluff on top! 

Step 5: Toast the fluff using the blow torch until golden brown

Step 6: ENJOY!!

(If you really need that hug, drizzle some of our signature chocolate sauce on top when you're done)

(add more fluff if you're doing it for the gram, but don't forget to tag us! )


Get started now with the Classic Hot Chocolate Experience Kit or go for the Festive Kit if you're in a more celebratory mood!

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