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Cilantro's Signature Blend ⭐

A fusion of Arabica beans from the high plains of Brazil and Central America with a touch of Indian Parchment Kaapi Royal Beans, grown at an altitude of 800-1200 meters in plantations sheltered by the Karnataka mountains. 

Mouthfeel is rich and velvety with subtle hints of hazelnut and gianduja. Roasted in North Italy - delivering a balanced taste every cup.

Cilantro brings you a consistently satisfying Signature blend...

Cilantro Signature Coffee Blend


Tropical climates around the equator provide optimum conditions for the 'Coffea Arabica' tree to grow. The Arabica beans attained from this tree are the most sought after worldwide and are believed to have been the first species of coffee beans to be cultivated.

Central America is one of the globally renowned hotspots for coffee in modern times; the tropical weather, along the equator, as well as its typically mountainous topography, provide the optimum climate and altitude to produce the unmatched sweet and fruity beans that the region is famous for.

Brazil, specifically, is the world’s leading coffee producer and exporter; produces nearly a third of all the coffee consumed worldwide!


Coffee grown in India, on the other hand, has a different set of climatic requirements; Robusta is able to grow in hot and humid climates in the south of India. Farmers have been intercropping coffee beans with spices (nutmeg, turmeric, allspice and ginger) to produce different flavors for centuries, giving Indian coffee its edge and making their beans some of the best and most popular beans out there.

Admittedly, Indian people have more sophisticated palates than most of the western world, which does explain that they have been able to craft some of the best coffees in the world. Ironically, coffee isn’t a popular commodity internally, as about 80% of all coffee produced in this country is exported.


Cilantro's blend is medium roasted in North Italy.

Often described as a work of art, roasting coffee is a delicate and intricate skill that people have been perfecting for hundreds of years. The roasting process involves combining several different species of beans to mask their unappealing qualities, while accentuating and bringing forward their best qualities.

That’s why our master roasters have a deep knowledge of coffee; understanding what makes each type of bean unique and giving it the attention and treatment it requires to produce the best possible outcome.

Our state-of-the-art coffee roasting equipment combined with the skill of our master roasters, located in Northern Italy, ensure that we are able to consistently bring you the best quality of coffee beans.

Try out our favorite Signature Blend now or check out Cilantro's Professional Coffee Kit for the full experience!


Cilantro's Signature Coffee Kit

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